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Authentic Chicago deep dish right here in Oklahoma City!

Formerly Humble Pie(long story), The Heat is the place to find buttery, flaky, deep dish crust filled with delicious toppings  smothered with homemade sauce.

Mouth watering yet? Read on.

Owner Matthew Heard was born in Edmond, Oklahoma, and has always had an affinity for cooking. In the times that he visited Chicago with his family while growing up, he fell in love with deep dish pizza. His love for it grew when he lived in Chicago as a young teen.

He eventually moved back to Edmond to be closer to family and found it very difficult if not impossible to find good deep dish pizza anywhere in Oklahoma or the surrounding states. In 2002, after years of missing great pizza he started experimenting with original recipes that utilized his favorite traits of the pizzerias he enjoyed in Chicago while growing up. He has continued perfecting the recipes over the years and finally arrived at the current pizza that they sell today.

Located in Edmond, the Heat is a pizzeria that serves up scrumptious pizzas with your choice of a Chicago or hand tossed-style crust. While you look over the selection of pizzas, order a bottomless pretzel basket as an appetizer. Try delectable pizza combinations including the Bermuda Triangle, meat lovers, margherita, the Samoan, the Garden of Eden, mushroom madness and supreme.

Get creative with a build-your-own pizza. Start with meat choices including pepperoni, chicken, Canadian bacon, summer sausage and handmade meatballs. Add cheeses such as smoked provolone, feta and grated romano, then pile on the veggies. Choices include mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, pineapple, spinach, basil and black olives. Your customized pizza will no doubt be flavorful and delicious. Order a half or full spinach, Caesar or garden salad to round out your meal.